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Drought Crisis: Guidelines for water rationing

23 OCTOBER 2017
Dam storage levels are at 38,5%, with useable water at 28,5%. The City of Cape Town’s engineered rationing intervention is starting to have an effect on consumption but water usage must be reduced further. Consumption is at 585 million litres of collective usage per day. The City activated wat... read more

City of Cape Town discourages residents from using borehole water to keep gardens green

Cape Town mayor Patricia De Lille with Xanthea Limberg, MMC in City of Cape Town for water and waste settlements.  Cape Town – Capetonians with boreholes should stop using the water to keep gardens green, and rather limit their borehole water use to flushing toilets, the City's water and... read more

Cape Town water crisis: WWF calls for emergency water-sharing by-laws

Johannesburg – With Day Zero looming, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) says it hopes that emergency by-laws will be applied to enable the use and sharing of groundwater in Cape Town. "Life beyond Day Zero will present exceptional circumstances, and we hope that emergency by-laws will be brought i... read more

Cape Town ordered to reduce water consumption by 40%

2017-10-02 - James de Villiers
Cape Town – The Department of Water and Sanitation has told the City of Cape Town to reduce overall water consumption by 40%, the city said on Monday. The department is the custodian of all national water resources. In a statement, mayoral committee member for waste services Xanthea Limberg ... read more

Myths & Facts of Printing

When it comes to the sustainability of print and paper, it’s important to separate verifiable facts from opinion and misleading information. This booklet is designed to provide you with relevant and balanced information – we call it informed choice.    ... read more